At present, the majority of my teaching and tutoring is done through the posting of short tutorial videos on my YouTube channel. One of my more recent endeavors has been the creation of a playlist of electrical circuit analysis videos. This collection is far from complete, but you can see the progress I have made by clicking the link below.

Circuit Analysis YouTube Playlist

While at Temple University, I worked both as an Engineering Undergraduate Tutor and as a tutor for the Math and Science Resource Center. I tutored physics, calculus, chemistry, programming, circuit analysis, digital design, and signal processing. I explained concepts, provided examples, led study sessions, and created online video tutorials for students to watch at their own time and pace.

Temple University Math and Science Resource Center

One of my first explorations into making video tutorials was to make a set of videos explaining how to read sheet music. I am currently working on a project to update these videos, but the old set is still viewable at the link below.

Reading Sheet Music YouTube Playlist

After taking the Khan Academy chemistry course as well as my chemistry course at Temple, I decided to make a playlist of videos covering some of the concepts that I thought I understood well enough to teach. You can view these videos at the link below.

Chemistry YouTube Playlist